I actually have writers block today.

I can normally reel off a blog entry but today I can’t even come up with a title. I went the gym so am a bit sweaty to think properly. I got up late. I just can’t sleep at night at the moment. I would rather get some sleep even if it is during the day. I have my rearranged GP appointment tomorrow morning. I can’t miss that. I don’t know why I am bothered to wait for this appointment. I still have a swollen little toe but it is slowly getting better on its own. That is how long you have to wait to be seen face to face now. I probably should get it checked out in case I damaged it. I went to see someone about ingrown toenails. They seem to have made it worse. They grew back more dug in. I may have dodgy feet though as that is genetic (I was screwed from the moment I was born lol). There is a surgical option to fix those feet issues nowadays but I am not keen on it. Also, I want them to freeze my feet before trying to dig anything out next time. It is too far in. They don’t hurt all the time just occasionally I can feel how much they have grown and dug in. That is normally at night which doesn’t help sleep issues. I am going to the supermarket next door after I am finished with the gym today. I literally make myself go the gym when I have to come over here.