Weight issues. Genetics from both sides cause obstacles.

I wasn’t going to go for a walk this evening until my mother told me that I should join weight watchers. I feel bad enough about my hair air drying at the moment. It keeps getting caught under the chains on my bag despite being pulled over to one side. I deep moisturised it so don’t want the ends breaking. I wouldn’t mind being nagged about my weight but her genetics make me this way. Both sides I have larger relatives (well the females anyway, a lot of the men are naturally skinny). I knew my fate as I got older. I used to live off of low fat stuff when I was younger and still was a curvy size 8 to 10. I have had a skinny 6 ft female on mothers side question those curves when I was over a stone lighter last time they came over from the country where they live. I do not have the height that allows for excess weight. I was eating low fat, quorn none meat stuff even then but wasn’t approaching mid 30s at that point. I have always walked quite far distances. The only way I managed to lose another kg when my weight was stalling a lot was upping my calories. I also can no longer poop unless I eat over a certain amount of calories. I know that I need to go this evening due to my lower abs being swollen. I have swapped to gluten free cereal (normal stuff bloats me) and basically doing everything I can so quit telling me to do more.

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