Disabled people’s rights in the uk might be gone soon.

I woke up to the news of the UK reviewing its human rights act this morning. In this review, they are apparently going to waiver the rights of disabled people. They can literally do it legally and we won’t be able to even say it is disability discrimination. It is basically going to legalise what has been happening in this country for a long time. Our lives will be disposable officially. Those of us with long term conditions may find ourselves with DNR on our medical files so that hospitals are not allowed to save us. I don’t have the full details and haven’t been awake long enough to find out full info. I am not sure whether the review has actually been done yet, but this has just been ‘leaked’.

I am just on a walk to wake up properly. I had to rearrange all of yesterdays plans to today due to ending up too tired. I will be doing some cleaning, printing mothers energy bill out and then going over there for tea this evening. I woke up bloated and really do not like this eating more calories thing. I am scared to death of gaining weight. I have made sure to stick to the rule that as 3000 calories equals a pound gain that I numerically try to balance out the numbers over a week either with cutting calories on alternative days or exercise to burn some. I ate 2,450 yesterday. That was only due to alcohol being included in them (only 2 little bottles). That is the highest I have ever consumed and now I feel so bad about myself. I probably consumed a lot more when I was drinking more alcohol (25 bottles a week at one point) but I wasn’t tracking calories then. The fact that I gained over 2 stone kind of shows that I was going over that 3000 calories mark on a regular basis.

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