Learning not to be a pushover sometimes feels mean.

I have felt better since I started saying no to people. However, I still feel slightly mean and it is worse when people have tried to guilt trip with their actions. There became a pattern of my niece only messaging me when she wanted money. I told her straight last time she started a conversation with me that she wasn’t going to be getting any money. She went in a mood with me. Said something along the lines of I love this family in a sarcastic tone then blocked me. She doesn’t like being told no. The fact that she already owes me a substantial amount of money which she never even attempted to pay back. I had to block her number at one point because she wouldn’t pack ringing me asking for money. I can’t afford to lend money because I have to keep putting some away every month to move due to landlord wanting the flat back sometime in the next few years because their long term plan is to sell. I barely go out to do stuff. That is what you have to do as an adult to have money left over after bills. I had to fight for the extra money for my disability. If she has been bad mouthing me recently then this is probably why.