The weather is making it impossible to sleep tonight.

I am quite sure that I am probably not the only one unable to sleep due to warm close humid weather. Even the cats are not sure whether they want to be outside or on my bed tonight. I am also bugged by my hair colour. It can’t stay like this… it needs blending through ends just so the top doesn’t look so yellow white compared to the rest. The ends are still ginger so putting intense bright colour on it isn’t going to take at this blond level ( gingery stage). I am not going out in public until I have fixed it. It will also need a deep conditioning treatment on the ends to cause as little bleach damage as possible.

I wish that I could sleep because I only had two hours sleep yesterday due to having to be up at an early hour for a phone call and then a flat cleaning blitz while hair was processing when my mum came over. I have mixed feelings about my newly developed muscles. I can see them in places now my body fat is dropping. I have nearly firm upper arms which I can see my muscle when I flex. I am just not sure yet. They don’t look great with bits of body fat still around them. I can lift everyday things really easily though so that is helpful. I don’t lift very heavy weights with my arms at the gym so I’m surprised how large they look when I flex them. I am at the middle of my fat burning stage which makes me feel unattractive. Bloating happened before I started to feel some ab muscles. I go extremely bloated when I don’t eat enough or don’t get the balance right if I do too much exercise (too many calories burnt means the deficit goes too low leading to water bloat and body fat level getting stuck). The balancing is so hard to do when I am on my monthly. I sometimes don’t feel like eating and if it is on the heavy side I cannot exercise like normal. I get my progress stunted every month which is frustrating.

I feel extremely unattractive at the moment but the weather is not flattering. We are all dripping with sweat and ending up sunburnt. The nearest I got to a tan developing was a collection of freckles. I will feel much better when I have made my hair look more blended.

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