The level of disrespect over the years is why I am this now.

Inflated sense of ego was thrown in my face. This is why I have that facade now. I have put up with endless disrespect for many years. I get ignored and treated differently when people discover I am autistic. I have to fight for basic needs in life like health care and the only reason I got the GP to listen recently was when my mother to rang up to have a word. In this system, people like me are seen as non people. I am willing to bet that the council will either ignore my letter regarding a section 117 aftercare discharge meeting or completely deny it. I am sick of the disrespect that I have been just expected to take for as long as I could remember. I am a person who deserves respect regardless of not being the norm. The only way to deal with the amount of rejection that comes with being autistic is to have an inflated ego. I like to refer to it as a thick skin which prevents me being further damaged by the way society and others treat me.

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