Using my past against me to prove a point is also low.

I would also appreciate it if ’friends’ don’t use my past to justify the nasty things that they say to me. That is pretty low and shows that they suck as a person. Telling me that if I had settled down with them instead of going off with people who didn’t want me then I would have been able to keep my son. That is quite hurtful. Remember where met due to similar past experiences. Don’t for one second think that you have a better life than me. If you were really that settled with your current girlfriend then you certainly wouldn’t come online to wind up an ex who literally never makes contact. I reply out of politeness and I thought we were friends before all the things they said recently. That coming from the same person telling me that I should take the option to go off my medication for years. I never got this kind of crap from them before I started losing weight and lightening my hair. Face it, I have levelled up out of the league I used to be in. This is not a league that certain old friends belong in.

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