I need another chance. I have waited long enough.

I really want another chance from my friend who stopped speaking to me at Christmas. I am going to break it down here. I never made my mistake on purpose. I have an innocent thought pattern which didn’t see anything but trying to help. I have never been in a relationship. I avoided it all. I have no idea how all the social crap works. I never made my mistake out of malice or anything negative. Life stuff really confuses me. I cannot stand how the adult world seems to be. The way people hook up with others loosely then move on from exes so easily. Hurt each other without even giving a shit. If you find something long term it is worth it but some of us will never have that due to being naturally socially rejected due to autism etc. Please give me another chance because coming off antidepressants is hard enough on my own. There ate people around me but they don’t get what it is like to live inside a head with mental illness.

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