There are some really odd things happening around my flat.

I have been trying to rationalise these things in my head but still question if I am going crazy. I simply cannot explain these things at all. There is no way that anyone with keys to my flat is doing these things. Why would they? They have no reason to do so. I came back last night to find my electric toothbrush having switched on by itself. That did frighten me because I thought that a wasp or something had got in there before opening the door. I had a can of flea spray go missing in a place which is always where I keep it. I got new ones and then found original can in that exact spot a week later. The chain from my sink has came off the base. The chain had literally disappeared a few weeks ago. I found it on the end of the plug today. That was definitely NOT there the other day. I don’t know what is going on but please stop. I own a haunted doll (according to the ebay seller) and was only saying the other day that it never seemed haunted because it hasn’t shown itself yet. Then these things started happening. I now have stopped drinking and have less antidepressants in me. I was warned that my gifts in that department would slowly return. I was expecting dreams not spirits messing with me.

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