I am glad that is over.

I haven’t slept yet because I rested for most of yesterday. I then went out for a long walk but only due to needing to get out for a bit. I am tired but not enough to sleep yet. I slept though the worse part of monthly on purpose. That is easier to deal with when not trying to cope with it awake. I have nearly stopped bleeding now. It was a week early so it will be over by the time it was due. It seems to have done the majority of it over 12 hours ( friday evening up until saturday evening). I am hoping that it is just the end part now. I feel better but also can feel that I lost a lot of blood in such a short time. That should go away soon once iron levels are back up. That takes a few days. I normally bounce back quite quickly because this can be somewhat the norm for me. I have the worse hayfever at the moment. I don’t take anything for it unless my nose is streaming and/or blocked up. That is happening today so had to take something for it. The cats got their breakfast earlier because I got up to take something. They have gone outside now. I am planning to sleep for a bit now that my nose has stopped running like a tap. I have officially made a final decision to quit alcohol after finishing my last little bottle that I had in my fridge last week. The hangovers are just too bad nowadays. I also want to properly lose weight which will never happen unless I quit drinking even little bits. I am on a day where I take my antidepressants. I can go for two days until I get brain zaps. I am starting to slightly get them at the moment. The process of coming off them is quite long and drawn out. There isn’t really any way to totally avoid withdrawal side effects. Brain zaps are the worse ones for me. They are noisy electrical signals pinging around in my head. I would love to be able to do the whole going off them completely thing in a few months but that isn’t going to help keeping off them long term.

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