I’m really not as grumpy or negative in real life.

I would like to point out that in real life I am not negative or grumpy. I appear that way on the blog because I mostly talk about serious topics on here. I can’t talk about certain things in a light way because that means it doesn’t educate the public about what it is like to live as an autistic person. There is no way to be light hearted when covering many topics because it isn’t being realistic. I’m not a miserable git… it is merely part of the job covering topics that aren’t always positive.

I had an ok day considering that I woke up in pain.

I woke up later than planned because I was uncomfortable due to monthly. I have gone for a walk for fresh air and hoping that it behaves itself. It should be better because I am now allowed to be off my iron tablets due to blood test levels coming back normal. I haven’t taken them for a few days which will be less build up. I should go back to my normal monthly from next month. The washing machine is now fixed. There was a part gone in the spinner. I think things are finally starting to get better for me. I got a letter this morning offering me that £150 which I have been given a coupon for due to not having a direct debit with council for payments. That is money that everyone got given but in the context of luck on the same day that knits together nicely. I also found out I had won a lucky dip for the lotto yesterday. It would be nice if I could be lucky in regard to people too. I still miss my friend who fell out with me at Christmas. I was only thinking last night. People have literally punished me for my autism due to treating me in a certain way for behaviours caused by my autism. So if you can all realise that you all did something unfair and discriminate then flip reverse it for me I would appreciate it. I don’t expect it because neurotypical human nature is cruel. I have worked hard enough over the years to deserve some kind of reprieve. I have lived out my karma etc.