I need to say a few things.

I have messages from vulnerable adults who are going through the same situations as I went through. I think that I need to say certain things after the same things keep being said to me. I just want to point out that there are many useless resources out there ran by people who don’t really do anything. This is particularly apparent in regard to the whole vulnerable adults having their children entered into child protection proceedings due to disability and placed down the forced adoption route. There is a genuine need for attitudes to change before vulnerable adults can be seen as normal enough to have children. Ten years after my son was taken by the system there hasn’t been much changes. That os why I hate toxic positivity because it can be as bad as negativity. We live in a construct that makes it difficult to function and achieve with disabilities such as Autism. I literally went everywhere to try to stop my son going for adoption. I found nothing helpful despite contacting the places that were supposed to help with those matters. Please do not string vulnerable adults along by giving them information which isn’t from a reliable source. They don’t need the hassle of being sent in pointless circles. It isn’t helpful and doesn’t sort out their issues.

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