It has been one of those mornings.

I managed to make it to my morning blood test. I had to go around the long way due to roadworks closing off the direct route from my home. I was very tired due to not being able to sleep until 5 am. I am feeling my monthly approaching today. I am so bloated (that also happens when I don’t get much sleep). I don’t know what has happened to my hair but it is so dry this morning. I have the issue of my eyelashes falling out on one side again. I thought that was over since I was taking my iron tablets to treat anaemia. I think that I have problems brewing up. I have bruises that I am sure I didn’t cause by my natural clumsiness. I had one pop up on my arm which I knew wasn’t done by me. I have also had pains occasionally where I think my ovaries may be located. I don’t normally get them on both sides during any month. I have some really dodgy looking moles/freckles in places. I am hoping that my routine blood test flags up any potential issues otherwise I am going to have to insist that they do tests on my dodgy looking moles. I don’t wear suncream. I know that I should but I am an idiot. I have to be home by a certain time today because the gas company wants to do their annual check. I only got the call when I was out so it was kind of last minute arrangements.

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