It has been one of those mornings.

I managed to make it to my morning blood test. I had to go around the long way due to roadworks closing off the direct route from my home. I was very tired due to not being able to sleep until 5 am. I am feeling my monthly approaching today. I am so bloated (that also happens when I don’t get much sleep). I don’t know what has happened to my hair but it is so dry this morning. I have the issue of my eyelashes falling out on one side again. I thought that was over since I was taking my iron tablets to treat anaemia. I think that I have problems brewing up. I have bruises that I am sure I didn’t cause by my natural clumsiness. I had one pop up on my arm which I knew wasn’t done by me. I have also had pains occasionally where I think my ovaries may be located. I don’t normally get them on both sides during any month. I have some really dodgy looking moles/freckles in places. I am hoping that my routine blood test flags up any potential issues otherwise I am going to have to insist that they do tests on my dodgy looking moles. I don’t wear suncream. I know that I should but I am an idiot. I have to be home by a certain time today because the gas company wants to do their annual check. I only got the call when I was out so it was kind of last minute arrangements.

Britains got Talent result. Fixed or not? Here is my general take on it.

I have heard discussions regarding people thinking that the Britain’s got talent result was fixed since the winner was announced. I don’t have an actual opinion but having auditioned for the X factor (I may have also auditioned for britains got talent but they are basically all the same format) and being qualified in media production I can firmly confirm that none of what you see on television is actually as straight forward rags to riches story. Many of the auditionees have experienced agents liaising with the production company producing these things. In the infancy of these talent shows the auditions were populated by people off the street more than those that were agent represented. I am talking only the first few series. We had to sign paperwork which prevented anyone auditioning talking about the process of the show. I hate to burst anyones bubble but television is mostly staged. The cameras only show the narrative that the producers and director wants to portray. It is that simple and may seem quite harsh to many assuming that the result was a fix. It is an extremely hard business to get into. The likelihood of independently making yourself a name without agent representation is quite slim. It has happened but that is a rare occurrence. I don’t have an agent for my writing which is why I self published my book about growing up as a female autistic. Even many of the influencers on TikTok, Instagram etc are agent represented skilled in marketing which is why they have so many followers and product deals going on. They have very strict rules on what they can and cannot post which is the downside to being represented.