Jubilee hangover :(

I didn’t write a post yesterday because I had too much to drink Thursday night. I was hung over for the majority of the day. I still didn’t feel well when I got up but had stuff to do so I wasn’t able to rest the entire day. I went for a brief walk to take amazon returns to a shop in the village. I managed 6,000 ish steps in a circle trip there and back (fresh air started to feel uncomfortable). I felt really bad with a headache and felt sick. I ate something, had water, a diet coke and cup of tea. I still felt awful so I decided to take a long bath, boil up some pasta and eat my evening meal and a drink of water in bed. I got comfortable quite quickly and was asleep by midnight. I am in the never drinking again mode after that hangover. I woke up about 3 am. I wish that I had slept longer but at least I had proper deep sleep for a change. I am hoping to get back to sleep for a few hours because it is too early to get up. It is light at half 4 in the morning. That is annoying when you are trying to get back to sleep.

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