I’m fed up of people being so fake.

I was just reading a twitter conversation about the MP Claudia Webb case. The tutor that got me kicked out of university, thrown in court and given a lifetime restraining order was part of that conversation. I am so fed up of her bullshit. Discussing how people need to be punished for threats of revenge porn by the law. That is fair enough. However, when she starts going on about doing free work to ’help’ people for 20+ years… that is where I get pissed off. She has enough knowledge to technically reverse the order that is on me for life. The convictions aren’t so simple to remove legally. I said things when I was angry. I am and always will be traumatised due to my sons adoption and other stuff. I didn’t deserve any of that. She could fix order etc and try to fix my section 117 aftercare issues (due to me being clueless how to do it) but she has never done that. No apology, no nothing. She merely talks the talk to make herself look good. I paid for what I did wrong but that order on my name for life makes it a permanent punishment. I don’t want it removed to have any kind of friendship. I would like it removed as a matter of principle.

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