Sperm donor with fragile x syndrome fathered 15 children and childrens services.

I have had a read of the case details and am now ready to comment. Firstly, I am making no judgments of anyone involved because it isn’t my place. I was aware of the rules in relation to those diagnosed with autism or anything related (fragile x is associated with autism). There is a genetic risk to potential offspring of someone with these types of conditions. That is why I wasn’t keen on having children passed my mid 30s. I could pass my autism onto my children. I hope that Jonny never developed it but I was 25 when I had him. There is always a chance but it increases as a mother gets older. It isn’t guaranteed to happen but there is a chance. He was irresponsible for not telling the women the full details of potential genetic risks. Those of you who know me is aware of how I got pregnant with my son. I had a friend agree to do that. He verbally stated to me that he would get me pregnant but wanted nothing to do with it from that point. I was in agreement because everything was laid out on the table beforehand. That is when I found out how the system treats those of us diagnosed with certain conditions when they decide to have children. The part of this story where he is banned from seeing his children for welfare concerns. I hope that has something to do with his proven actions rather than misconceptions surrounding his condition and learning disability. I know what stress the authorities put on me when a pre birth assessment told them that this would lead to failure. I was pushed to fail so that my son was taken. It is easy to get children from vulnerable mothers by pushing until they break. That is how I lost my son. It isn’t fair and our system shouldn’t be making assumptions based on the inability to understand disabilities. We require support, not bullying.

Then there is the storyline in coronation street where one of the characters plans to take her baby abroad to run away after losing custody. I know that there is a whole ring of people who traffic parents and children out of the UK to prevent babies and young children being taken for adoption. This shouldn’t happen. Other countries have assessed these parents and deemed them fit to look after their children after the UK social services said they weren’t. The first thing I was told by others that had been through the whole forced adoption system was to leave the country. I was told this after getting my first visit from childrens services when I was half way through my pregnancy. I wish that I had listened. They couldn’t have done anything to me if I left the country before being put on the pre birth plan. I thought that I had nothing to hide. I signed their paperwork because I was told it was to get support. I should have been suspicious though after adult services offering me an abortion before I was too far into pregnancy. I just didn’t want the hassle. I got put through hell through what was supposed to be one of the most special moments of my life.

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