I can’t help being tired.

I am fed up of people getting at me for not being able to sleep at night and too tired for things during the day. I haven’t been for a long (10,000 plus steps) Friday and that was my to hinckley town centre back to earl shilton one. I am on my second gym session this week (only went one time last week). I am trying my best. I managed to get stuff done around my flat before I came out. I have to pick my medication up tomorrow and drop an amazon return at the UPS drop off point. I can’t do that on Friday because it is the jubilee bank holiday weekend and opening hours for these places mean they are either closed or reduced hours. I know that I have to get moving tomorrow on all the things that won’t be open. I keep nearly getting chased by random dogs from or visiting the block of flats where I live. I am sure that they can smell fear. The breeds are german shepard and one of those bull terrier breeds. They are just young dogs but they need to be on leads if they around other people they don’t know. They may be playing but I can’t trust them as I might get attacked. I don’t want to tell people what to do with their dogs but a lead means that they can’t be taken if they run from their owners view.

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