Month: May 2022

  • I have to live with this and never get answers.

    I should be asleep but my stomach is hurting so I can’t right now so I will write this entry now. I just watched a programme where the character reminded me of someone. I have these feelings under the surface all the time but tonight they have bubbled to the top of my thoughts. I […]

  • Everything feels so hard today!

    I can normally do 10,000 steps a day easily. That isn’t the case today. I can’t bend down without aching. It has been like walking up a hill the entire walk and now it is starting to spit rain on me. I am no where near the car. I woke up fat and bloated. I […]

  • I had the best intentions but right now it is hard. Burn out has set in

    I was planning to go the gym but having not slept much I do not have the energy. I stepped on the scale to discover that I have gained weight. I know it is only water. I can feel the water in places due to monthly due in a week. I feel stiff and achy […]

  • I know and accept my fate.

    I just read something on a social media platform about someone saying that they thought that they would never have expected to get to 30 due to mental health issues. I never expected to reach 34. I honestly don’t expect to get to middle age. I may just do a Marilyn Monroe and be gone […]

  • Insomnia is getting annoying.

    I may have not helped my insomnia by sleeping in late yesterday but I can literally hear birds waking up outside (its 4am). I have to sleep soon because I have plans tomorrow afternoon. I also need to do things before going out so my morning will be busy too. I need sleep to have […]