I am getting back to my normal self.

I had my moping around stage. I have now got up and pulled myself together. I am still awake because I was watching bbc iplayer until late. I am tired though because I walked approximately 22,500 steps (edge of Earl Shilton to the centre of Hinckley and back). I have sore feet (hard not to get when going that distance) but I needed a long walk. The weather was nice so it didn’t feel like a hard task. I will pop the gym at some point this weekend. I needed a bit of a break from weights. I must start going more but right now I am taking it slowly. I got to the point of burn out so I can’t just flick back into my old routine of twice a week. I recovered but not fully yet. The scale is going down now so that has no longer stalled. I had a bad stomach earlier and wasn’t able to ’go’ for two days. The walk and two laxatives sorted it. I am glad because I felt so uncomfortable. That is all I can say without it being too much information territory.

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