Insomnia is getting annoying.

I may have not helped my insomnia by sleeping in late yesterday but I can literally hear birds waking up outside (its 4am). I have to sleep soon because I have plans tomorrow afternoon. I also need to do things before going out so my morning will be busy too. I need sleep to have the energy for the gym. I have to go over to the same town for my eyebrows to be waxed so I may as well pop in the gym while I am there. I am tired but sleep isn’t happening. I went to bed nearly falling asleep and then suddenly I lost that feeling and now I am laying awake. I am not even thinking about anything or anyone. Yes, the actions of certain people (well, person) continues to piss me off but I refuse to let them get to me to the point where it affects my life. They’re so full of themselves and their ego is as large as their waistline. I am not even being mean… it is an accurate description. I would like an apology (I apologised for my part) if they can manage to put their ego aside for a bit. The time to swallow their pride to sort things out with me is now. I may not give them a chance in the future because they were so unappreciative, just took and gave nothing back even before the friendship fell apart. The only time that they wanted to talk was when I pulled away and said I weren’t up to it. There was so many red flags of selfishness and manipulation tactics which I chose to ignore because I liked them at that point. I feel like I ask too much from others when I just want to be treated like I matter. People take one look at my disability and proceed to not treat me as a person. I have feelings regardless of their perception of who I am. I am getting to the point in life where I want an equal relationship where I am not the one always giving.

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