I had the best intentions but right now it is hard. Burn out has set in

I was planning to go the gym but having not slept much I do not have the energy. I stepped on the scale to discover that I have gained weight. I know it is only water. I can feel the water in places due to monthly due in a week. I feel stiff and achy after not walking yesterday. I decided to do weekly shop and chill out for the day. I am burnt out so had to reduce the amount of exercise. It takes enough energy to function. I still have a swollen toe which isn’t helping when putting that foot into trainers. I probably do need an x-ray because it does hurt inside my foot but getting one nowadays is a process of going through gp. The hospital told me to use anti inflammatory medication painkillers but that isn’t helping much. I know that it is easy to break a toe without much effort by stubbing it etc. It is my little toe so that is probably what I have done. I am naturally clumsy (as illustrated by the bruises on my legs). I constantly feel guilty for not going the gym or even a walk. There is the part of me telling myself I need a rest which I need to listen to otherwise the burn out feeling gets worse.

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