So much paperwork!

I have just spent 2 hours looking through all my paperwork to find a specific receipt which I need to return my faulty mattress (springs and sinking after just a year). I literally ended up sweating. I never thought looking through paperwork (sorting it by throwing things in the bin which I didn’t need) was a form of exercise but I was feeling so sweaty by the time I had finished. Anyway, found what I needed and got rid of lots of bits which I don’t need. I kept anything legal related and benefits etc. There is a need to have paper trails just in case the system tries to say something is a certain way when paperwork says it isn’t … if they take a dispute to court etc you have the paper trail to disprove their claims. There are documents which hurt me emotionally to see but I kept them to prove how I have been treated. I am not going to read them but they need to remain stored just in case. They are all court documents from a painful period of my life. It is proof that all people did was punish me for being traumatised. The person who got me into trouble and took a restraining order out against me could have helped me get justice against the system that traumatised me instead of being awful toward me (literally they had a legal qualification even though it wasn’t as high as solicitor).

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