Insomnia is back.

I was falling asleep about 9pm. Then I woke up to sort myself out to go to bed for the night. I had pots to wash up from dinner earlier and the clean washing had to be put on clothes horse to dry. I didn’t think that I had woken myself up too much until I got back into bed. I had a snack because I keep unintentionally dipping my calories which isn’t going to help be consistent when it comes to weight loss. I only had just under a thousand in total yesterday. That was a complete accident because gluten free rice pops, my breakfast, stop hunger for many hours. I wasn’t hungry until evening. I forget to eat if I don’t feel hungry. That is why I had a snack later because I felt hungry. I can’t sleep hungry. I am not hungry now but insomnia has come back over the last week. I was sleeping great for a while, then that stopped again. I still try to get enough sleep by getting up later if I don’t have plans too early in the day. I keep getting bruises from where I itched my dry skin. These nail extensions seem to pinch at my skin rather than properly going over my skin. They only just started doing this… probably too long. I don’t want little bruises all over me but I can’t not scratch the itching. I am having less baths and using moisturiser to prevent the dry skin but still get it regularly.

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