Busy day. This is my current mindset.

I barely slept last night and had to be at my hair appointment for half 11 this morning. After that I had to pop to my mum’s to set up new router for the internet. On the way from hairdressers I went to the gym and then got a few bits (saves me going on a full food shop). I have a few more bits to get on the way home because I couldn’t get the cat litter from the supermarket next door to the gym. I will be so glad to get into bed tonight.

I have a new mindset that will stop me getting disappointed etc when it comes to other people. I get used t rejection and being ridiculed so I now expect it. If I get anything positive then it is a bonus but not expected. I simply do not care anymore. I know that anyone who reads my blog will be put off knowing me. I speak the honest truth and people don’t see that as normal. I am just not normal anyway. People don’t like complicated. That is me and my life.

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