This is what people just don’t understand.

I keep getting told that I should move on from things that have happened. I have but it isn’t as simple as ’moving on’. There are so many more levels. Things aren’t so black and white. It hasn’t even been 6 months yet. It wasn’t just that I had met someone which I liked and felt a connection to. I had so much hope surrounding the friendship besides just the person. That was my opportunity to move from the area I grew up in and this time never return. That was going to be my ’new beginning’. The whole plan ended up not happening due to them ending the friendship. I am stuck in this area now. The new beginning is no longer going to happen. The whole package not happening is what affects me. I had so much hope when I met them and got to know them via messenger online in November. I was never going to move in with them etc but I could have moved nearer to them to have a fresh start. I was really looking forward to that. I can’t just walk into a new friendship or relationship because it takes me years to recover from anything that emotionally knocks my confidence.

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