I can’t settle tonight.

I went to bed at a decent time (11pm) with the intention of having an early night. That didn’t happen and now I am stuck awake. I just can’t settle. I was sleeping quite well for at least 3 weeks but now insomnia has come back. I have no idea why it has flipped back but it’s annoying because I am tired but just can’t settle. I keep getting the urge to get up to walk around, then if I resist the feeling my legs still want to keep moving ever so often. I thought that I had finally fixed my sleeping issues but they just appear again when I least expect it. I didn’t even have caffeine later in the day. I am tired but I just can’t sleep. I think that my head is stressed at the moment. I have never experienced certain things along these lines but hopefully someone else has so that I know I am not totally crazy. I heard sounds in my mind as if I could hear them outwardly with my ears. It was like being in a room of people having conversations as background noise. It was only brief but I have never experienced that before when I have been in silence. It hasn’t happened since which may mean it was linked to adjusting to a higher antidepressant dose. I wish that I could just sleep as it is nearly 3am!

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