I could have had a better day.

I managed to get a parking space in car park where I live tonight. Then I discovered that I had leaked all over my car seat. I now have that to clean when I get up tomorrow morning. I have felt so crap over the last couple of days. I now have my skin kicking off due to seasonal allergies. I am literally allergic to the sun. I have lots of tiny spots on my hands. The tops of my legs are sore where they rubbed together while walking in my dress. They were fine when I first went out. I still have too much fat on me to not get chub rub. I think that I may have got sun burnt at some point this week too. I am quite sore on a lot of my skin. I have a shaving rash come up where I shaved my legs today. I put moisturiser on them after to try to avoid that happening. So much for hoping that a bit of fresh air would do them good or at least stop them looking so pale. I took another dosage of the tablets to stop my monthly flooding so I am hoping that I am able to get a good nights sleep without that waking me up. I filled a heavy duty pad in less than half an hour before they started to work. This is what happens when I take iron tablets. I am hoping that my blood test in July (they check every three months) will say I am at a high enough level to come off them for a while which will stop the knock on effects every month. I eat stuff with iron so should be able to sustain the level on diet alone for at least 6 months to a year. I knew that my monthly was going to be a pain in the ass this month due to being bloated badly. I find that the worse the bloat equals the severity. I was feeling so fat before it came on. The fact that it spotted before coming on is also a warning sign. I haven’t spotted for a while before a monthly. I only do when it is going to be one from hell. Hopefully this all passes in a few days and I am back to normal (well, normal for me).

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