I am having a challenging day…

The car seat took over half an hour to get the monthly blood out. I think that I managed to get out but won’t be able to see if it has properly disappeared until it dries out. I am hoping that the warm weather will dry it out quite quickly. I kind of have a migraine coming on. I also have lots of little spots coming up on my hands due to allergies. I am still on the heavy side so taking the medication to control it and hoping that it passes. The mess that I need to clean up due to leaking on clothing is something I have to do soon. The cat litter trays need cleaning too. I am trying to do these things with a headache coming on which is making me slower than I actually should be. It hurts to move around. I can’t take something for my migraine because it will interfere with how well my other medication works. Even my antidepressants stops them working as fast as they should.

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