I just had a brilliant dream. If this isn’t already a game it should be!

I just had the most entertaining dream that I had in a very long time. If there isn’t a virtual reality game like this then there really should be. I was walking around dark drab looking corridors. There was other people milling around. The fashion, social ways that people were acting and settings was probably 1970 / 80s ish. There was mini activities like swinging from metal rods with hand grips on the end. Any old money notes which were found could be exchanged for modern money. I was even slipped a note for information after having a conversation with someone who slept on the activity room floor after hours. I was holding a leaflet poster thing advertising a concert in 1974 (it eas definitely 1970 something but remembering details is hard now I am properly awake) while talking to a hotel looking porter person. They asked me if I had gone. I was like ’no I wasn’t born’. That is when I woke up. I had a room / apartment thing in this place. The hassle it took to actually find it was like a maze. I had to walk miles to get back to where the dream started. It would be wonderful to have a game which takes us back in time to experience things that happened before we were born where we can also win prizes and exchange old money for new after we come out of the game.

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