Confidence is an issue. So f it! I am just existing today!

I said screw it today and went out in a dress that I had to squeeze into (size 10). I had to squeeze my boobs into one of my tiny bras. I have hair everywhere. I might leak down my chunky thighs if my tablets don’t kick in quickly enough. I have tied the sides of my hair up because the waves went crazy since I washed it. Fuck it! I don’t care any longer! It is far too short and people can probably see my ass but at least it is a trained toned ass. Well, my ass is toned but the back of my legs have cellulite which you literally can’t change when approaching mid 30s, also can’t airbrush real life. I need to air out my legs (illustrated by how pale they are) as I have hide them under trousers for a long time. I have always had bigger thighs and that affects the decision to cover my legs.

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