The prison ’diet’

I try to keep the fact that I briefly ended up in prison during 2018 quite low key. However, on this occasion, I will tell you how I lost over a stone and and a half in that environment after only a month in there. There is no way to mimic the weight loss results on the outside because we have too much temptations at our finger tips in the outside world. Firstly, I wasn’t allowed my daily fizzy drink in there. We had tea making ingredients and we had to make a tiny packet of teabags last that we were given at breakfast per day. When we were allowed out of our cells there was a flight of stairs to get to where my cell was situated on the wing. Then we had a flight of stairs to get to the exercise yard. The only prisoners allowed to use the lift had passes but they had to be approved by health care on the basis of mobility issues etc. The walk across to the activity block was at least a mile. Then I had to walk up two flights of stairs to get to where I had to go for education Monday to Friday. When it came to food, most of us that weren’t wanting to gain weight (carbs is the menu on there) would chose rice based meals or ones listed as vegetarian unless that wasn’t available (for instance on a Sunday when the roast type dinners were on the menu. That is basically how I accidentally lost weight. I only went the gym twice while I was in there due to staffing issues (we had to be taken over due to locked doors). The staff were shared with the male side of the prison which was a lot more populated. We only got about half an hour in the gym when we did get to go in the evening.

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