Busy day… even though I didn’t even want to leave the house.

I was sat in my flat until about 3pm today because I woke up not wanting to do anything. I eventually went out to get the flea treatment for the cats, get the car washed (damn birds decided to take a huge crap down the side of my car), got the break light on my car replaced and then dropped in the gym on the way back. I get bits of shopping while I am here because the supermarket is literally next door. I have to get milk so don’t want to be leaving it in a hot car while in the gym. I don’t know if there is an issue with the 4g network but it keeps dropping out today. There is absolutely no coverage at the moment. I am using the gyms wifi while I am here. I presume that if anyone rings my mobile number it will go straight to voicemail. I hope that this doesn’t become a regular thing now that 5g has been rolled out. I am not updating my phone (iphone X isn’t compatible) because mine works perfectly and doesn’t need replacing unless the service cuts everyone with 4g phones off soon. I definitely have paid my top up this month so it isn’t my fault.

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