I am simply not brave enough because degree modules gave me knowledge that put me in that position.

I may seem brave enough to take the mental health system on but now I am aware of the potential long term consequences if I legally launch a case against them. That isn’t counting how much of my past will be slung at me by the local authority etc when it comes to evidence. Some of those things trigger me after stuff happened before I even knew BPD was a thing alongside my autism. The case between amber heard and johnny depp shows that a court arena can easily rip into the history of a person who has bpd. The technicalities of getting cases into court and expenses involved (applications alone are expensive even if representing yourself) are extremely complex. I had to give up my law degree after just level 1 because my brain was fighting the logic and structure of the subject. The same type of things have to be applied to successfully win a case and submit an application which clearly sets out what the applicant is asking the court to do. Then there is the previous cases relating to rulings by courts. There are plenty asking them to carry out their obligations to supporting an adult with a disability. I haven’t seen one single case where someone sued the local authority for not giving them support for however long and got the court to force them to take the person off of the section 117 aftercare. That is what I want. I approached the local authority just before covid hit. There was supposed to be a meeting in 2018 and then they acted dumb when we put the request again and a complaint. This thing holds me back on paper and I am not being provided with support. I have literally provided support for others and teaching them on the side, but I can never be paid in an actual job unless I sort out my historical paper trail.

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