Okay, messed up my pattern again.

I think that I have reached my required sleep level because after sleeping that many hours yesterday I couldn’t sleep the entire night. It sucks … not even tired. I just had breakfast and medication. The cats had their breakfast so both of them are chilling out. Mimi is sat on the bed next to me. Mister just came inside because it started raining. I hope it doesn’t rain all day… need a walk at some point. I have water build up in my leg. Exercise helps release it so that the excess comes out my leg. I feel so bloated. That is normal at this point of the month. We haven’t had a nuclear weapon thrown our way (uk) so that is a positive thing. The date of the 5th May keeps being said by many sources (although this may have come from the fake simpsons video that was circulating the internet recently). I still worry about the dream that I had a few years ago since all these threats got ushered by putin. If none of my prediction dreams had ever came true then I wouldn’t be so concerned.

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