I slept the whole day and night.

I think that there has to be something wrong with me. I slept for about 14 hours ( woke up for breakfast in between ). I was going to the gym but I feel really weak today. I think that I am going to do a covid test because last night I had a sore throat and blocked nose last night. I hope it is just a cold but that doesn’t normally knock someone out day and night for many hours. I managed to avoid getting it so far so fingers crossed. I ached all over yesterday too which is not like a normal cold. I am run down though. I haven’t pushed myself to go the gym since Thursday. I really need to push myself once to twice a week (went twice last week). I just feel overwhelmed by everything that needs doing. I can’t keep feeling this way because I will never go forward with weight loss. The size of my thighs are ridiculous. They used to be bad enough but they have grown to a massive size. Some people have waists the size of my thighs. It feels like a lot of muscle with fat. That isn’t supposed to happen. I hope that it is the mid point of body recomposition because I don’t want to stay in thunder thighs mode. They went down but now they gone back up.

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