I am not a morning person but I have to be today.

I was up at half 5 this morning and I did actually sleep. I stupidly showed my cat that I was awake by telling her to quit clawing the bed. I was then asked for food so after I got up. I bad breakfast and went to gym early because a parcel is due to be delivered later. I will be too tired to go the gym after waiting in all day cleaning the utter mess that is currently my flat. I think that I only had 3 hours sleep so by the time this evening comes I am probably going to resemble a zombie. I hope that I sleep tonight after being up at a stupid hour this morning. I hope that I can accidentally fix my sleep pattern. I will be so annoyed if I don’t because it is ridiculous that I can’t sleep at night but during the day it is like someone has knocked me out.

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