I rested for a little too long… missed half the day again.

I fell asleep easily last night but woke up and then listened to music for a while which turned into hours. I decided to catch up with admin etc. I found out that my last entry for that art exhibition for the national brain appeal charity didn’t sell last year. I am going to submit something this year. I know that my 2020 design sold and I was surprised about that. I checked that a parcel I was waiting for wasn’t being delivered today. I had breakfast and medication. I went back to sleep only planning to sleep a few hours but it was nearly 5pm when I woke up.

I weighed myself. The increase in calories has started to reduce my weight a little today. I am making a swap in alcohol from wkd to vk blue. The wkd brand has got too sweet. It is also 100 calories more than vk blue (which tastes how the original wkd blue used to many years ago). I am an adult in my 30s, I do not want my alcoholic drinks tasting like some kind of haribo mix. The wkd blue tastes like eating those sweets now.

I also just want to say that from 29th April 2022, the blog awards votes open. I will be posting the link on here and social media.

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