Show me the apologies which I deserve.

I still haven’t slept because my IBS decided to kick off. I am trying not to move at the minute because one of my cats have fallen asleep with their paw on my shoulder. I am owed an apology from many people. I am probably never going to get those apologies though. I was young and have dealt with the consequences of being naive and stupid. I made no mistakes in malice. I was just dumb and not street wise (autism means that I probably always will be a bit). I want to move on from all that crap and start afresh. I was never a bad person and stupid isn’t a crime. I never knew that I may have BPD then and certain aspects of that condition is very hard to live with even now. If people are sorry for how things turned out then show me. I still suffer from the after effects of things which happened. I paid my dues and lived the karma.

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