I am not sure which way things are going.

I managed to sleep for a few hours last night. I weighed myself this morning and had gone up a kg. I am getting fed up. I know that unless I can sleep properly at night my weight is never going to start reducing. That is something that I just can’t do at the moment. I am hoping that having a rest day doesn’t pile on more weight. I was assured that it wouldn’t but after 4 days of being in my new calorie range it should be going the other way now. I feel less bloated but the weight is still clinging. I do have patience but not gone down on the scales since January. I wouldn’t step on the scales for ages because I was stressed every time I saw the number. I was hoping to have lost 2 stone by now. I only lost a stone then it stopped. That is why I took my weight machine reps back up to the amount that I was doing when I lost the stone. I was also not walking every day then. I will hopefully get the results from that combination because I know that it worked to shift first stone. I was sleeping better then but that isn’t easily fixed.

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