Just because… doesn’t make it wrong.

I have had several discussions with my own mother this week about diets, sleep etc. I would like to clear up some myths that previous generations grew up firmly believing and now it is deep rooted in their mindset. Firstly, the rule about weight loss and not eating after 7pm or 8pm. I don’t know which it was but whatever the specified time it is wrong. It is more about what you eat and the stuff that is in it. If I stuck to that I would never eat much. Then the thing about the amount of calories you are supposed to eat to lose weight. Has anyone noticed that people have got larger since the era that this came out? I think that it was somewhere in the 80s but I wasn’t born until 87 so I don’t know specifics. Then my sleep pattern is also an issue that is discussed regularly. The fact that my current pattern isn’t a choice is a major point I wish to make but I am naturally not a day person. I do not sit around when awake. I am moving regularly so that doesn’t make me lazy. The time someone gets up isn’t a measure of whether they are lazy etc. I catch up with things in my own time just not on other peoples schedules.

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