BPD favourite person scenario.

Those with BPD and/or Autism will know about this aspect of the conditions. It is basically a friendship that is a priority for you to an obsessive level. It has so much more layers to it than just that but that is the simple version to introduce those without the conditions to this topic. I had a thing pop into my head the other day. Why doesn’t a favourite person scenario go both ways? For example: if both people have BPD then why don’t they both randomly become each others favourite person? I have never known that to ever happen. There is always one who is really into the other but the other is like whatever about the friendship/relationship. I am sure that it could happen but it doesn’t seem common. Those that I was always into at the time weren’t into me at all. This aspect of the condition (even if the other person has the same condition) seems to always be a one sided thing. I have just noticed that this is always the case in any discussion that I have had about the favourite person scenario. It would be so much easier if the favourite person mirrored the same feelings toward us. I ended up feeling like I was completely unlovable, ugly and just not attractive as a person because it was always one sided.

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