I actually slept during the night. I am surprised too.

I woke up just before 6 am but I slept last night which hasn’t happened in weeks. I don’t think that I would have woken up that early if my cat hadn’t used the litter tray for a number 2 and was loudly scratching around trying to cover it (she makes a mess if I don’t intervene). I get woken up by certain noises and that is one of them. The cats went outside briefly after I got up to fix litter tray mess. They have now come back for a snooze on the bed with me. I opened the window to let the smell out from what Mimi left behind. I don’t want to get up yet because it is still too early. I didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I got my hair washed and nails redone, as well as picking up my medication on the way round is a huge chunk of what I planned for that day. I also did some washing and changed my bedding covers. I have a new free online personal trainer who has put me on 1,800 calories per day because apparently my activity level on walk and gym days is too much for the 1,400 calories that the app had put me on. I can drink alcohol and have regular cheats on the new plan as long as it is consistent. Rest is important too so probably will be doing that two days a week.

I started my iron tablets again (ran out, that was the medication that I picked up yesterday) so the excess bloating should go down now. I always get wider when my levels start to go down. There was a dip after running out for a few days so the levels must have started dropping again. I always get flabby looking a day after a gym session because my muscles need a rest. They are ready for another session about every two days when they look firmer. I need to try to go three times a week (not just for progress but also membership fee will be justified then). I don’t like wasting money by not using it (like many people who have gym memberships), if you don’t use something cancel it otherwise you are literally giving your money away to somewhere you don’t even go. I cancelled a few memberships at different gyms when I weren’t using it. I am on a rolling contract at the gym rather than a 12 month one at the moment. It is more expensive but I can cancel whenever without having to wait until contract is set to end. I did that because I wasn’t sure about the gym due to not being a gym type. I knew that it was a way to lose weight after piling it on during lockdown.

I am a little freaked out right now because both my cats have their eyes fixed on something behind me. There is no one there… I don’t see whatever they are seeing. It is more scary when they do it at night. I have never had any bad experiences since that black shadow thing used to wake me up. The cats would definitely hiss etc at something bad so hopefully there is nothing to worry about.

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