Lack of proper sleep is annoying.

So I decided to have alcohol last night which has made it even worse. I now have a headache and feel sick. I can’t get to sleep for even a few hours because my stomach feels like I am going to be sick. I took painkillers but they haven’t got rid of headache yet. I am just fed up at this point. This has been happening ( the no sleep at night thing ) for weeks. I don’t want to sleep during the day but if I don’t then I would get no sleep. Then absolutely nothing would get done because I would be too tired to even do bits. I am frustrated at myself for not being able to snap out of this pattern. It seems easy but actually harder when I try to actually do it. I need some sleep because my hair needs washing desperately. I am not going out the door until my hair no longer represents a birds nest at the ends where it is drier and a bit damaged (bag chain strap kept catching on bits of hair). I need energy to sort out that mess. The bathroom also needs sorting out before hair is washed. Bed covers are also due to be changed today. I need to see if my medication is ready to be picked up on the way to get nails sorted (they are far too long since growing and need infills). I feel like driving up north to confront the person who is currently keeping me awake with their refusal to be reasonable and the way that they treated me. I know their address because the stupid idiot gave it to me after just meeting me online. I might sleep better if I confronted them. I can’t stay like this and they also had my address via a present that I sent them so I don’t want to cause trouble. I just want to be able to sleep but right now I can’t because the way they treated me is keeping me awake.

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