Considering the date tomorrow, I am ok.

I may not have got much done today but I feel better than I have done in years on this date. I physically feel like crap due to being on monthly and hope that medication stops any accidents on walk. I am wearing white so I keep checking my backside just in case. I am sure that I will be ok on only the second day. I am just being overly cautious… I hope. I just need a break from being inside for a bit. I still have a lot of unfinished stuff to go back to at home. I meant to get up and do it but the idiot that I am gave themselves stomach ache from eating an easter egg knowing what lactose does to me. I suffered most of the day and now I have to buy another one because I agreed to share it. The cat was going crazy for it too. He didn’t get much because they are also lactose intolerant and I didn’t want a huge mess to clear up.

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