I needed a day to relax.

The title of this entry is now contradicting because I decided to go for an evening walk when I did get up. I had to get a few things from the shop. I managed to get an easter egg this year. I waited until the last few days before Easter the last few years. There was none left. I leave it until later so that kids get them before they run out. I had to get it today because there isn’t a lot of choice left in local shops. I got a galaxy one. I don’t like the smarties and kit kat ones. Those that know me describe me as fussy. Nope, selective and most of you cannot afford me. I lived down south for nearly a decade. I came back eating expensive chocolate and panini’s etc. It was the prioritised lifestyle to go get nails done every few weeks, buy named stuff (in the most affordable ways of course). The panini’s definitely aren’t the same down here. The nail designs weren’t just plain polish in the nail bars down there. You could have the detailed airbrush designs either with or without polish and gem designs. I saw the side of life that I cannot have in the part of the midlands where I was born. Fate was shitty when I got sent to where I did as a teen but it showed me a whole new world I wouldn’t have seen if I had never left and I probably would have never made the move if I hadn’t ended up in that area through circumstances. I probably would never go back to the exact area because as a youngster the person that I was made enemies easily. I was young and dumb with extremely naïve actions on the quest for love. Ten years later I may not be the same person but people don’t forget. That is the curse of bpd when you’re still growing.

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