I went to A & E, see you all when I see you.

I may be here a while. I went to the local A & E. I can’t leave my leg like this so just getting it done. I am not doing this for attention. I get anxious and cannot do hospitals etc… literally avoid them. I have a mask on (it is safer in this environment) but it is making my face sweat. I had my son at this hospital 10 years ago. Apparently, according to reception here, he is still listed as my next of kin. He is adopted. I also don’t know what a ten year old child will do as a next of kin contact for someone he will now see as a stranger. I had to put my mum as next of kin. I just want to get all this done asap. 4 hours is worth it if I finally get my leg sorted. I would love to just go home to have a bath.

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