I am still behind.

I never managed to sleep until the morning. I woke up after 2 hours and then fell asleep until lunch time and then briefly fell asleep before I had to go to get eyebrows waxed. I put my massive coat on before realising that it was quite warm. I mainly put it on because it was raining. The rain isn’t something I need to worry about in my car so I left it in car. I popped into the gym on the way around doing other stuff. I managed to get my toe unswollen by running it and my ankle under the cold tap until I had no feeling in it after my bath when I got home last night. It is nice to be able to finally get my trainer on without feeling my foot trying to burst out of it and now my leg isn’t collecting food from injury I can move better. Even my knee looks less swollen (old injury which just has a habit of collecting fluid on the same leg. I didn’t put the cold water that far up my leg. I probably do have baths that are too hot but my autism means it doesn’t actually feel as hot to me. I don’t feel pain like a normal person either since going through child birth. I want another child but it will probably never happen. I am hoping that the pain won’t feel so bad to me if I go through it again. Anyway, I have things to do so got to sign off now.

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