I am still behind.

I never managed to sleep until the morning. I woke up after 2 hours and then fell asleep until lunch time and then briefly fell asleep before I had to go to get eyebrows waxed. I put my massive coat on before realising that it was quite warm. I mainly put it on because it was raining. The rain isn’t something I need to worry about in my car so I left it in car. I popped into the gym on the way around doing other stuff. I managed to get my toe unswollen by running it and my ankle under the cold tap until I had no feeling in it after my bath when I got home last night. It is nice to be able to finally get my trainer on without feeling my foot trying to burst out of it and now my leg isn’t collecting food from injury I can move better. Even my knee looks less swollen (old injury which just has a habit of collecting fluid on the same leg. I didn’t put the cold water that far up my leg. I probably do have baths that are too hot but my autism means it doesn’t actually feel as hot to me. I don’t feel pain like a normal person either since going through child birth. I want another child but it will probably never happen. I am hoping that the pain won’t feel so bad to me if I go through it again. Anyway, I have things to do so got to sign off now.

Home already! Nothing to worry about… just inflammation.

I was examined and told that it was just inflammation caused by old injury and shoe rubbing. They didn’t feel anything dodgy so was told that I could leave. I was so glad to get home to have a bath. I can stop worrying now. Apparently, I would have known by now as those who got blood clots knew after a few weeks of having vaccine. It has been a year since I had mine. Anti inflammatory ibuprofen gel should reduce swelling so that fluid won’t collect in that leg. I didn’t even have to pay parking at that time. It was also a lot quieter than I expected.

I went to A & E, see you all when I see you.

I may be here a while. I went to the local A & E. I can’t leave my leg like this so just getting it done. I am not doing this for attention. I get anxious and cannot do hospitals etc… literally avoid them. I have a mask on (it is safer in this environment) but it is making my face sweat. I had my son at this hospital 10 years ago. Apparently, according to reception here, he is still listed as my next of kin. He is adopted. I also don’t know what a ten year old child will do as a next of kin contact for someone he will now see as a stranger. I had to put my mum as next of kin. I just want to get all this done asap. 4 hours is worth it if I finally get my leg sorted. I would love to just go home to have a bath.

Anxiety won.

I didn’t sleep the entire night so by the time early this morning came I was asleep again. I rang the surgery later but at that point I couldn’t make an appointment but told them that I didn’t get the calls due to sleep mode on my phone. I can’t do it tomorrow because I have something on… so that will be Thursday or Friday. I need to have the whole day free because the process is a long one. That is providing that the GP can make me an appointment at the hospital department on the same day. I have stopped my leg swelling so much by taping my bad toe to the next one. I think my toe is a little less swollen. I hope that they can do an x ray as well as however they check for blood clots because I can’t get my leg properly fixed until I know why it is swelling up.