Too anxious to sleep.

I have to be up at 8am to get a GP appointment for my leg. I hate making phone calls. I have sky high anxiety before even making the call. It is half 5 in the morning and I am literally already petrified. The process is going to be quite long because the system has several stages and that is providing that I can get an on the day appointment. If we do our appointments are still initially over the phone unless doctor thinks we need to go to a face to face. Then the GP has to make an appointment with the hospital department that will do tests required. This is why I put it off but if I have a blood clot then I have to get it dealt with. Even if I went to A & E I could be waiting hours because my condition won’t be classed as a priority. I don’t have a choice but to go through GP. That will probably be quite slow but faster than other way. I want to keep putting it off but if I do then it could be dangerous. I wouldn’t be so worried if I hadn’t had the AstraZeneca covid vaccine before and at the time of injuring my ankle. It was banned in younger age groups because those that had it in a certain age group ended up being diagnosed with blood clots. I don’t want to worry anymore because my sleep is bad enough without worrying.

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